by Matthias Miller

Multiply Your Strengths is a qualified solution provider for However, our relationship does not end there. We’ve provided marketing consulting for, empowering them to more effectively reach their prospects.

While the Marketing and Strategy Deep Dive ( laid the foundation for their marketing strategy, this was only the beginning. Without an online presence or marketing collateral–that is, without actually implementing this strategy–we had little value to provide them.

Of course, our goal was to help establish them in their market. However, let’s dig more deeply into the specifics. When implementing this strategy, we focused on three critical pieces.

First, we worked with their website designer, proposing a basic website structure, then writing all of the copy for their website. Because of our in-depth involvement in the Deep Dive process, we were able to craft a website that matched their objectives–establishing them in their specific niche.

Second, their designer used the copy that we had written for their website to develop full-color professional brochures to distribute to their clients. Although we had already written the copy, we were able to work with them to further refine their terminology and tighten the copy.

Finally, we wrote several white papers that they could use to promote their business, allowing them not only to further educate their prospects but also to continue to establish credibility within their target market. And while white papers may sound dry and boring, if you enjoy reading this newsletter, you’d actually probably enjoy reading some of them! (Well, except for the technical papers.)

Why did we choose to publish white papers as part of our marketing plan? We had three reasons.

First of all, while works with solution providers to create custom software, they’re ultimately in the business of taking the headaches out of running a business. The white paper allowed us to effectively (and vividly) paint that picture for their prospects.

Secondly, everyone fears what they don’t understand, and many people assume that “custom software” is way too complicated to understand. We wanted to put it in language that they could easily understand.

Finally, white papers provide a great way to test a prospect’s engagement, an easy way to start a conversation, and most importantly, a way to genuinely provide value early in the sales conversation.

The best part? By partnering with their designer, we were able to provide them a website, brochures, and white papers that they not only could be proud of, but that helped to establish them in their market.


Matthias Miller is the business growth consultant and founder of Multiply Your Strengths. He’s passionate about seeing people excel in their strengths. His intentional pursuit of professional growth has given him extensive experience in software development, project management, leadership, and marketing. He lives in Canon City, Colorado, with his wife Bonita and their family.