Starting on Tuesday, March 9th,  Southern Colorado Innovation Link (SCIL) and Fremont Economic Development Corporation, ran a 7 week Business Accelerator Boot Camp hosted at the Emergent Campus in Florence.

The planned outcomes focused on strategies for success in the participants’ business ventures.  This included a focus on strengths, customers, business fundamentals and networking.

Over 20 people participated in the Boot Camp, representing 7 businesses, Barn Owl Vision, Spile, Fire Age Design, Trustio, GuestNav, Vitalscape Design, SoCo Eats. Each session was kicked off by a notable entrepreneurial keynote, including 3 time TEDx speaker, Jason Sosa, CoinStar co-founder, Aaron Finch, and Cory Finney, Greater Colorado Venture Fund. The keynote recordings can be viewed on the FEDC TechSTART YouTube channel, here.

Starting and running a business is always a challenge in small town, rural America. Even more so in the Covid era. This Boot Camp was meant to help and provide strategies to meet some of those challenges.